A poem on rejection

And so she rejected me,

It was painful, brutal, like my world had crumbled.

She said it wasn’t rejection,

But I disagree,

Her demeanour and attitude towards me,

Had been changing for a few months,

I felt like I had become a burden upon her,

There were no smiles on her face when she spoke to me,

But she was happy and smiley around others.

Did I drag her down?

Or was it just the sadness of the situation.

Allah took away one of the most dearest things in my life,

Someone who helped guide me,

Set an example for me,

Be a sister to me,

But then perhaps there came a time,

When I needed to be by myself,

Attach my heart to Allah,

And develop tawaqqul.

I will allow myself to be upset,

To feel the pain,

As I’m entitled to.

But one day I hope,

I will forget the pain,

And what she did,

And only remember the joy, laughter, smiles and acceptance she brought to me.

I will be kind to myself,

Love myself as I need to.

The world is a sad place,

But inshaAllah Allah will help us rise 🙂


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