A Poem on a Lost Friendship

You’ve shattered my heart,

My already cold heart now struggles to heal,

And thoughts keep cropping up about you and the things that had passed.

Why did you do this? Abandon me?

Just when I needed you most.

It was cruel and I couldn’t handle it.

My self-esteem has been shattered.

I invested so much of my time, energy and love into you,

For you to just chuck me out of the car,

Just when it had started on its journey.

You filled my life with pain,

And words can’t express what you put me through.

And so here I find myself,

Back to square one and wondering who loves me?

Who cares for me?

And whether I should seek out love some more?

We’re all longing to be accepted,

I found that acceptance in you,

A common understanding, values.

But then you let me go,

And I couldn’t stand the idea of not being friends.

But now I want to move on,

But I haven’t fully processed what went on,

Or why things went stale,

And maybe I’m never to know.

Will there ever be closure?

Or will I just have to wait for the last day that decides all days?

Oh how I pray Allah rewards us,

And unites us in Jannah,

Alongside the best of the best.

You were my rock for a mighty long time,

But now it’s time to make way for new rocks,

To sort my life out and move on,

As I can’t stay stuck in the past,

Or be a victim of it.

I must follow through,

Alone if must be,

But I am ready to embark on quests and so much more!


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