Just Some Thoughts

I’ve known for a while that I was different,

I don’t want what other girls my age want.

I desire bigger and better things.

I’m feeling more hopeful about the future and achieving my goals.

Negative thoughts sometimes hold me back,

Events/People around me trigger feelings within me.

I can be a little unsure and doubt myself sometimes,

But this doubt is from the shaytan.

I feel like the wiswas has increased this week.

Is it because I felt more love towards my Lord this week?

I reflected on His beautiful qualities,

The giver and taker of hope.

We need to have hope in him,

But hope isn’t just a feeling,

It’s an action.

We must hope with our limbs,

Move towards our goal,

But remember that all good comes from Allah.

Allah will grant us what is good for us.

Ya Allah, my faith is so weak right now,

The Muslims are clueless of what is right and wrong,

I feel like I’ve given up on society,

Just accepted the moral decline,

But maybe, just maybe Allah has something in store for me,

Something I need to realise.

I worry far too much.

It’s the shaytan trying to stop me from succeeding.

But I will win inshaAllah,

Allah will grant victory to the Muslims.


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