A Busy, Distractible Day

There are distractions everywhere and I am definitely more distractible this week than I was the day before. My mind is always going off on a tangent and flying away. The trigger for this was seeing a friend and talking about my other friend.

This is perhaps a lesson and a sign that I should not speak of this issue again.

It is a busy week with my placement and I am becoming more self-conscious of the time that I have left and all I have to do.

There is also the issue of my housemate who I haven’t been getting on with so well. I originally thought that we should talk things through but since the moment has come and gone, I think it would be better just to leave things as they are.

I must say, that I am a little afraid of her. She does get quite frustrated and temperamental and it makes me feel quite rubbish. I don’t wish to be in the company of people like this.

I was starting to stress about the weeks coming up and worrying whether she might want to do revision with me. But that’s probably just the shaytan messing with me.

Maybe this is wiswas, I don’t know. Everything will be ok inshaAllah. I will combat these negative thoughts with positive ideas. I will get through this inshaAllah. I have all the tools at my fingertips and I made a nice timetable. This time round, revision is way more structured and planned.

Now that I am coming closer to finishing my notes and will need to move onto something different soon, such as osce practice, radiology revision, pharmacology, etc, I will be preparing myself for change. Yes, moving forwards is daunting. There are fears I must conquer, instead of just pretending that they’re not there. I will face life head-on inshaAllah. Everything will be ok as Allah is in charge. I definitely need to trust Him and His plans more than mine. I will trust that He has given me all the resources needed to succeed inshaAllah.

May Allah make it easy for us all.


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