A Poem On Accepting Allah’s Decree

It’s ok, this was destined to occur,

Allah decreed this from above the heavens.

And His plan is the best plan,

And that is not to be challenged but to be accepted.

Think of all the people who lose their loved ones in accidents,

There’s no closure or forgiveness,

Or a chance to tell them that they are and were truly loved.

All the horrid things that were said,

Or the lack of explanations,

All of these things are just left to linger,

No completion or end or closure.

Perhaps that is because closure will be reached on the day of judgement,

Where Allah will settle all matters once and for all,

And He is the best of judges.

I wish I could love him more,

And I wish that my peace, happiness, love and joy is found in Him,

So that I am not in need of any other human being,

So that I can completely let go of any grudge or not be bothered by what other people think,

Or say about me,

Because I will know and accept that it doesn’t matter,

Only Allah’s opinion does.

And I can focus my attentions and energy,

On pleasing Him – the master of the universe.

Oh world and all its’ joys, how much you deceived me,

How much I thought I could find joy and happiness in you,

And I do at times, but only for a short while,

Because those minor feelings and things fade away,

Like all things in the dunya,

But faith remains,

It is what existed before all of this,

Why we are here,

And the only thing that will remain,

Once the world ends.

So better to hold onto that,

And pursue the best thing of all,

Than toil away at pursuing people and things,

Which will break our hearts,

Over and over again.

So I want to proclaim,

That I am done with the dunya,

And I hope and pray that Allah allows me to act upon such a bold statement,

So that I live with conviction,

Even if it means that I am different to everybody else,

And that I’m alone.

The hardest paths usually are that way,

But that’s the way to Allah,

And He’ll make it easy for those who try,



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