A Poem On Chasing The World

The world is a place of such deception and insincerity,

And it sucks you in so you become,

Just like the other fools who are chasing money, women, status, attention.

They want to come out on top,

Be the biggest and the best.

I better watch out or I’ll just become like the rest.

I want to go back to my Lord with a clean heart,

But right now I make excuses as I’m surrounded by competition, wealth,

People who want fame and glory.

How tough it is to stick to the truth,

And remain on the straight path.

Oh how I’ve always wished the world was better, kinder, warmer, safer.

But how I’m coming to accept that people are vicious,

In it for themselves.

They form alliances to serve their greed and need for power,

Not truly respecting each other or the women they violate.

How my values are so at odds with the rest of the world,

And Oh Lord, please unite me with those who are fair, kind, sincere and loving,

Towards me and towards the rest of the world.

But people who are also firm and robust in a world where there are snakes and scorpions,

That bite and sting and bring so much distress.

Oh how I want to sometimes go and just hide in a cave,

Escape from reality and build a fantasy island,

Filled with all the things I find joy and delight in,

But not on earth, i’ll have to wait,

For jannah – a place of everlasting bliss.

But right now I must toil and suffer,

Make the wisest decisions to stick around or depart,

When I’m around those who would probably push me to the ground,

Who are full of self interest and couldn’t care less,

About those who are suffering,

As they have it all filled on their plates.

What was I expecting, jannah on earth?

For that can’t be possible so I’ll have to have sabr and stick it out,

Continue praying for a way out,

And acceptance and approval from my beautiful Lord.

The One I don’t pray to or honour enough,

As I’m exhausting myself whilst chasing the world,

Forgetting time and again that it is just an illusion,

And will one day crumble and fall.

Oh how I wish that by then, I will have done enough,

To save myself and pass the test.



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