A Poem On Trying to Find Peace and Acceptance

There’s a place of stillness and quiet,

Where we can all reach,

If we go deep down.

Our breath can ground us,

Bring us back to where we are,

Show us who we are,

A vulnerable human being,

Who is lost without our Creator.

Oh Lord, please grant me acceptance,

Please grant me peace,

Allow me to be content with all that you offer me,

Allow me to see the goodness in everything.

Let me develop good habits,

Let me break off bad ones.

Let me just be happy to be myself,

Free in this turbulent world.

Oh Lord, islam is the most beautiful thing in the world,

But it takes so much hard work to be good at it –

Being a Muslim that is.

If only I can let go of these impossible standards I set myself,

And love and respect myself,

Fostering mercy and kindness,

Towards myself and others.

Oh Lord, how selfish I have been,

How much I only think of myself.

It’s this profession –

It is draining me of energy.

Please grant me something better than this.

An escape,

Something that allows me to be a better Muslim.

All this doubt,

All this negativity,

All this confusion.

Ya Allah, please grant me clarity once again,

Grant me completeness,

Provide for me the strength,

And courage to be brave and bold.

Somewhere where I can be a better Muslim again.

Somewhere where I can impress you,

And earn your approval.


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