People Confuse Me/Make Me Doubt Myself

Being around other medics does tend to stress me out. They confuse me and I start to doubt whether I’m doing the right thing with my learning.

Well, we all learn in different ways and actually, I quite enjoy being on the wards and talking to patients. It provides me with some motivation and some incentive to go away and read about something.

If I didn’t have these patients, then the world would be my oyster and there would be decision fatigue with what to learn when I go home.

I have identified that this is my way of learning, so I will be confident in sticking to it inshaAllah. It doesn’t matter what anyone else does. They’re probably going home and procrastinating or going on facebook or netflix. But here I am, trying to make the most out of this learning experience.

InshaAllah it will be worth it.


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