I have every right to approach life My Own Way

Today I felt overwhelmed,

Doubtful of my methodology.

I’m not equivalent to others,

But yet I can’t help but doubt myself,

When I don’t quite measure upto others.

Their methods aren’t better than mine,

That’s probably just how they learn.

We all learn differently,

And I can’t let myself be swept away by what others do,

That’s what’s right for them, 

Not me.

I am my own person,

An original.

I will be assertive,

As I know what is best for me,

We are all different and distinct from one another.

We will all be different in our abilities,

And our approaches,

As we think differently,

And our brains/lives are just varied.

These other humans are not better than me,

I will not think that,

Rather, we are just different human beings,

With a different skill-set,

And a different set of strengths and weaknesses.

I have earned the right to be here.

I am an intelligent, ambitious and caring person.

I have the skills needed to succeed in my endeavours.

All I need now is faith and confidence.

I will believe in myself,

As I have the power to pounce through this inshaAllah.

Allah has this sorted,

He has decided our rizq.

Our gifts will descend from the sky 🙂


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