A poem on my current ‘rushed off my feet’ state

What do I feel?

I feel a little rushed,

Like there’s too much to do,

But the truth is, there isn’t,

I’m only perceiving it that way.

I am taking small steps,

And I don’t need to rush.

Everything is as it’s supposed to be.

The world is continuing Alhamdulillah.

I have so many chances to demonstrate myself,

To shine and show Allah how devoted I am.

Maintenance is all I need.

I have a super plan,

I know my obstacles,

Just need to execute it and check in,

Every now and again,

To monitor my progress,

And ensure I am in tune with my body,

That I am healthy and well.

I do feel scared sometimes,

I must admit.

But that is normal,

I am entitled to feel nerves,

Before sitting an important exam.

I shouldn’t ignore it,

But acknowledge it,

Feel it,

Let go,

Do breathing exercises,

Or even mindfulness,

Whatever it takes to settle and relax,

So once I’m relaxed,

I can feel better,

And when I feel better,

My performance is better 🙂

I must not forget my Lord,

The One who sustains all of this,

Who sent me here on this mission,

To prove that I am a good person.

Of course, sometimes I will fall,

So I must be kind to myself,

Help myself up,

And allow the wounds to heal.

I must be gentle with my injuries.

Recovery isn’t instant,

It can take some time.

But once one has recovered,

Then so much resilience has been displayed.


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