Exam Anxiety, Stress and Doubts

I do feel a little scared and overwhelmed. I feel like there is a lot to learn and not enough time to do it in. I was feeling confident over the christmas break, I had made my timetable, written everything down that I needed to do, but now I’m just doubting myself.

I had this plan inside my mind about how I’d go about approaching things, but now I’ve just been bombarded with a whole lot more information, and I think I underestimated how much I would have to learn – probably to make myself feel better, and now I’m just worried.

I started the day off well today, Alhamdulillah. It was the best routine I’ve had in a while – prayed all my prayers, did mindful meditation, made lunch, it was cool Alhamdulillah.

I need to remind myself that I can only do what I can do. Allah has my rizq written for me. It’s ok. I need to be honest with myself about what I’m feeling – it’s just too much to be dealing with right now. Better to get it out into the open and be conscious of it, so that I can choose how to react with it, rather than have unconscious thoughts hold you back.

There are definitely mental obstacles that I face in life and so I would like to reframe my mind and think positively.

It is difficult when you’re surrounded by other medics and all they talk about are the exam and their fears/dread is pushed onto you. There is definitely a whole lot more to life than medicine, and I don’t think it is healthy to think about it all the time, but it is difficult to switch off from it when you’re surrounded by it all the time, and your mind is constantly analysing things and remembering things or recalling past events. I sometimes get caught up in making these imaginary scenarios in my mind and I can sit for ages thinking about things, as life passes me by.

Today I definitely procrastinated. I look at the extra information I have to learn and I just think, is my brain even capable of learning all of this?

InshaAllah it can – our brains have been made by Allah and they are capable of great things. There is no limit to the human brain. Of course we must receive adequate sleep, nourishment and exercise at the same time so we are resting our bodies. Our bodies are the vessel that carries our brain, so a healthy body can equate to a healthy mind inshaAllah.

Of course, life isn’t easy. But taking small steps every day is all you can do, and as you do do it, you eat away at the big chunk of information you have to learn.


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