A poem on how I’m feeling

There’s a lot of resistance I face,

A desire to just stay here and not move.

My body feels comfortable,

Under the duvet.

Here it is warm,

Whilst the world beyond is cold.

Oh Lord, grant me the strength to face up to the world,

And all its’ glory.

Remove the aches from my body,

And allow me to just be,

Fully absorbed within the moment,

Right where I am.

I feel nervous as I look ahead.

What will the new term bring?

But all I know is that I’ll receive what Allah has planned for me,

It will descend from the seven heavens,

Be it good or bad.

Everything is good for the believer,

It is how they respond to their life,

That determines their state.

My current state is relaxed but feeling slightly nervous and lazy.

I don’t want to move,

And I wish I could just stay here,

Cosied up under this duvet,

Where the world can’t get to me.

Oh, how I feel shy,

And worried about how to be,

How to act,

But let me just be,

And rely on Allah.

He is looking after me,

And protecting me.

He won’t let anything get to me.

I am an honourable believer.


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