A poem on being highly sensitive

It’s tough being sensitive,

You get hurt by small things,

They cut you really deep.

And you feel like the world doesn’t get you,

And you can’t fully connect with others,

Unless they’re deep too.

You end up going along with what society wants from you,

But inside hating everyone and everything,

Wanting to just get away from it all,

And retreat inside your mind,

The place where anything can occur.

Your loved ones hurt you all the time,

But you’re too afraid to tell them you’re hurt, 

For fear of adding more fuel to the fire,

So you just say nothing,

And leave things as they are,

But inside you feel angry and upset,

What right do they have to tell me what to do?

The world thinks you’re weak and fragile,

And in some ways you are,

But they don’t have to torment you with it each time,

They have flaws too,

Ones they can’t even see.

Some people are just like this,

That’s just the way it is.

You can’t change them,

For they are what they are.

Compassion comes with sensitivity,

Intelligence comes with deep processing power.

So there is good amongst the bad.

People just need to accept me,

For the way that I am.

I wonder if I will ever find a partner,

The type you share your life with,

Someone to live with, sleep with and be intimate with.

Someone to share your struggles with,

But someone who understands me,

And respects my introversion,

And my need for peace and quiet.

Someone who won’t try to change me,

But will accept me for the way I am,

And not try to squeeze me into a box,

As I’m like a little birdy that just wants to fly,

I can’t be constrained and if you try,

I become miserable.

I thrive when I’m happy,

And fall when I’m sad.

I hope that there’s someone out there who will get me and respect me,

And if not, then I hope jannah will have more in store for me,

As this dunya is just like a game,

One we have to work at,

And if we don’t,

Then I’m sad to say but that’s it,

It’s the only chance we’ll get.


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