A poem on the past, present and future

Things are always changing,

The past is in the past,

And the future hasn’t come.

Now is where we need to be,

In this room, in this place, wherever it is.

Life is uncertain, but there are certain certainties,

And those won’t go away.

Stop fearing what is uncertain,

But embrace the present and prepare,

For those unpleasant certainties that God will bring upon us.

We’re being tested for sure.

A conflict of values, people, ideas.

A world so corrupt, could it even get worse?

I long to be successful, to be happy.

But what if it involves letting go of my beliefs.

And why do I assume that having success and joy requires abandoning this.

Who associated negativity with my faith?

My faith has created good as well as what is seemingly bad.

Life is hard, that is for sure.

I’m holding on to the oars as the boat rocks around.

One day the oars will fall into the water,

And I’ll be left stranded there.


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