A Poem on Seeing the Silver Lining

I see the goodness in things,

It took time but the rays of sunshine are starting to appear.

Today things started to make more sense to me,

I understand that Allah saved me from a hardship I wouldn’t be able to endure.

That’s what I’d like to think.

I see the silver lining behind the cloud.

Everything happens for a reason.

I can envision a future, a bold one, a happy one.

I made a conscious decision to move forward and to not let the past ruin my present.

Sometimes in life people will cause you great harm,

It will be unfair.

It may enrage and anger one to the very core.

All of this shows that justice wasn’t meant to be for this world,

It will be for the next,

When everything will be unveiled and nothing left to hide.

Better start preparing then.

Forget the crimes of others, forgive and move on,

But sort out and take control of ones’ own life,

That would be wise.


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