A Poem On My Feelings

We don’t know God’s plan,

He may have saved us from harm and suffering,

Oh, how merciful and kind He is.

We cry and grieve over our losses, failures,

Not knowing that the One above may have saved us from something that would have destroyed us.

Our plans are not the greatest,

God’s plan is.

What could our feeble human minds conceive,

Of a universe that is just beyond our depth.

We could try of course and we should ponder,

But those with wisdom will realise that all of this came from somewhere,

They will dig deep, think, reflect.

It might lead them to dark places, sorrow, unhappiness,

But as long as it leads them back to God.

The one it started with and the one it will end with.

It is only due to the will of God that we come to believe.

He is looking out for us,

Though I sometimes forget that He’s there.

Sometimes my faith in Him feels weak.

What am I doing here? What do I do?

Life is hard, you trip over and fall,

Then you think – why did this happen?

And it doesn’t always make sense –

But I worked so hard, I did all the right things?

It shows us God is in control, not us.

We are here to serve Him.

It’s hard I know,

I struggle too.

But better to struggle now,

Then have to endure everlasting pain in the next life,

God has promised the believers amazing delights, joy, amazement,

If we show commitment to His faith and law,

It’s hard in a world like this.


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