A poem on reconciling these worlds

Am I too deep for this world?

I feel like a cauldron,

Whilst everyone else is a plate.

Where are all the cauldrons at?

I crave depth and meaning sometimes,

But plates can be nice too –

But too much of it,

Makes me feel shallow, disconnected,

When I crave for so much more.

This is the dunya,

Plain, disappointing, full of hurt.

I put too much emphasis on it,

When really it hardly matters.

It’s the next life that counts,

And that’s the most important thing-

Though the one I always miss.

Oh world, you deceived me,

I keep on being fooled by the sweetness of peoples’ faces,

But beneath the facade is something,

I crave to know about,

To seek, to check it’s depth, measure it and to connect to it, to help it.

But some times I feel stuck,

In between two different mindsets and worlds,

How do I join the two and find a happy medium – the middle way,

A balanced path, if it exists.

Or if it’s just me trying to unite my desires with my deen,

Or maybe I should just let go and be,

Release my expectations, my needs, wants, etc,

If that is even possible, who knows?


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