A Poem on How I’m Living Now

I wish I was different sometimes,

More happy, more composed, more confident.

I wish I didn’t expect so much from others.

I have this vision in my mind of how the world should be,

But it never ends up being that way.

Milestones might be hit but the experience of reality is different.

I always pursued success,

But these days I crave happiness.

I want to exist in the moment,

That’s where life is – right now,

Not the distant future or the past.

We can’t be sure what will come our way.

What wasn’t meant for us, would never have been for us.

I still would like to be a doctor,

It seems cool and would be a source of income,

But I’m not going to die for it,

Or make myself unwell inshaAllah.

As my own self and my human-worth is much more than my status as a doctor.

I don’t need to be a doctor to be happy or to win the approval of the people around me.

I have many skills and talents that can be utilised in many different ways.

In the end, we’re here to worship God – that is all.

The five pillars contain what to do,

Islam should suffice us,

But all these people around us chasing thir rizq,

Bringing anxiety and tension to our lives.

It all should be ok inshaAllah.


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