A poem after an encounter with two friends

Remember that everyone who comes into your life will leave you,

A dear friend once said.

There was so much wisdom, so much energy, so much strength,

In her face and her voice.

She made me feel uplifted and happy.

She told me I was amazing,

I felt so good.

She told me I should never let anyone bring me down,

And it’s their loss, not mine.

How happy, that made me feel,

Then another friend came back into my life,

I reached out to her as it had been a long time.

Felt like our worlds were different,

We were heading in different directions,

Or so I assume.

I tried not to be so judgemental,

I tried to ignore that voice inside my mind,

Maybe it was my conscience,

Telling me her actions were not quite right.

Though I am trying to be loving and kind,

But sometimes I fail,

As I feel sad when peoples’ lives seem so flawed,

Their decisions, choices, future plans.

But I must continue and live out my own aims,

I have ambitions of my own,

Sometimes people just go down different path,

And there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

It was never my job, my aim or my responsibility to fix these people.

They will live on their own terms.

They pursue what is important to them.

Their path is theirs and mine is mine.

If only the world was different,

But maybe there never was.

It was always good and evil,

Against each other.

It was always a fight.

Is this worth the effort and the time space?

I just don’t know.


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