A poem on being mindful

It’s ok to feel lonely or sad,

Or annoyed or stressed.

I feel a multitude of things right now,

And I don’t know why.

Rest little mind, rest.

The body is precious,

And we need its’ help.

If every moment turns into fight or flight,

Then we weaken our spirits,

Lose energy and become ill.

Instead be mindful,

Whatever we think or feel is not us.

They’re just little bubbles floating around inside us.

They can pop and disintegrate,

As long as we just let go of them.

But sometimes we’ll struggle and that’s ok.

We’re human and we get lost sometimes.

It’s a hard life,

But as long as we practice,

We can get better and stronger.

We can become gentle and kind to ourselves,

And tell ourselves that it will be ok.

God is merciful, so why am I so harsh?

Let me use my breath as an anchor,

To be here right now.

I’m an important being with dignity and presence.

I am a creature of God and I will try to live a good life.

I’m human and I’ll fall sometimes,

But that’s totally ok.

As long as I turn back to Him,

And be true to my faith and beliefs.

The world is happening around me,

And I can either stay fixed in one place,

Or go with the flow,

As long as I come back home,

And be kind to myself.

That special place where no-one can disturb me but me.

So hello home, I’m here to be here.

I’ll relax and do what I need to,

To be true to my spirit and essence.

And so I make the mindful attention to move and grow.

As every new moment is growth,

And things will happen.

It’s ok to not want to do anything,

It’s ok and everything will be ok 🙂


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