Love, again, sigh

I think I’ve fallen in love again but this time it’s different. It’s less intense and I’m more accepting of my feelings. I’m not trying to force them away. I just kinda, sorta like them and I want it to stay. I want him to stay in my life.

He seems so kind and thoughtful. However, I recognize that I don’t really know a great deal about him, but just that I feel happy around him and he has nice traits. I’m just going to see how things go, try to be myself, not force anything and allow nature to just play its part. 

I don’t know where the road will take me. This is just so unexpected and I didn’t want this to happen, but it did. It might lead to something special or it might not. I just need to wait and see.

Allah has already decided our rizq. That is for certain. It’s not for me to compromise on my deen in order to pursue something that might not even be meant for me.

There’s so much temptation everywhere. His good qualities and this sort of professional protectiveness yes laidbackness is what I find attractive, as well as his manners. 


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