A poem on difficult people

I long for a world,

Where people aren’t screwed over,

Where people are kind, compassionate,

And honest and true.

Though maybe this is life,

And we’re just stuck in a world,

Where people differ,

So conflicts will arise,

As people don’t match up.

There will be clashes,

Chalk against cheese.

People just communicate differently,

They can’t help it,

It’s just the way our brains are wired.

So maybe peaceful coexistence,

Is just a far-fetched fantasy,

As there is anger and rage,

Rebellion and disgust,

And sometimes…rightly so.

But all actions have effects,

People get hurt, destruction is caused.

It’s a sad life as wherever you go,

Turmoil’s around.

We just have to do our best,

To live the best way we can,

Serve God in the most noble way,

So we can reap rewards at the end of the day.


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