A Poem on Pushing Myself towards Growth

Some days I have no drive.

I wish to sit around and do nowt else.

Be lazy, slouch around on a coach and dream,

Dream of made-up situations in my mind.

But even this begins to get grim,

As my mind and body crave something more,

Some life, some action, something better than this all.

So I have to muster up the strength,

To move, to get going, to do something with my life.

The first step starts with me,

To make the intention and propel myself up,

Right onto my feet.

Big dreams have to start off small.

They start with the little steps we take every day. 

However minor, they can evolve into something big,

But only if we’re willing to move our feet,

To engage our senses,

And lift off into the world.

Retreating into my mind is where my comfort zone thrives,

But the world around me is where development occurs,

Through engagement, connections and delivering one’s passion all around.

So the world sees that you’re a human,

You’re special with a drive,

So they send you opportunities,

And within it you can thrive,

Make mistakes but at least you tried,

You fell but picked yourself up,

That’s the only way you learn.

Not staying static and scared.

Because life is there for us to use.


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