A poem on my parents and my dreams

You raised me from birth,

And so I ask myself,

How much do I owe you,

If I owe you at all?

I feel sad for you,

That you raised me and then we leave.

What was the point in investing so much into us,

If you receive nothing in return.

I’m a negligent daughter and I’m soo soo sorry,

For not being present

And not being able to help you.

I have my dreams too,

And they’re big ones.

My dreams are bigger than what you might want to allow.

Please understand I have strong passions and desires.

I can’t live a life where I’m living for someone else.

Life is too precious,

My aims are too strong.

I feel like doing something greater,

To serve God and the rest of mankind.

I wish you’d make it easier,

For me to live this life.

You’ll earn so much reward,

If you were just prepared to let me go.

It’s all for Gods’ sake,

As our lives are worth so much more.

We need to be bold with it,

Instead of sitting back doing nothing at all.


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