A poem on my frustrations with the NHS

I feel sad we are part of a profession,

That doesn’t look after us.

That doesn’t care about our wellbeing,

And how we live and exist.

We serve humanity,

It’s our passion to do so,

But please treat us with dignity,

As we’re human too and have basic needs.

We want to be healthy,

So we can serve you better.

Tired doctors make crap ones too.

The situation sucks and I just wonder,

If I expected too much from life,

As this life seems full of hardship,

And I seem to be being tested everyday.

But we need a break,

Or else we will crack.

We’re human and not designed to go on like this.

So I’m making a stand and I’m going to say,

That my health comes first,

And that message is here to stay.

A to E assessment, they’ll always first say,

Look around and see if it’s safe to approach,

Any danger or harm in sight,

Then you attend to the patient,

So put your own needs first sometimes,

Especially when it comes to health.

This life of ours is crucial,

So please make sure it’s looked after and it’s safe.


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