Learning New Things

Sometimes I find in life when you learn more about your deen and you become more practising, you can’t connect as much with the people and environment around you. That can be quite difficult as we do want to be connected to those we care about, but when we change our actions, we might feel that it might affect our relationship with our family and friends.

And I wonder why this disconnection happens in the first place. Is it because the deen distracts us from the dunya, so maybe the detachment is a good thing? I’m not sure. We still need to be able to engage with the dunya if we want to function as a good member of the society and ummah. We just should be careful to not allow the love of people or the love of gaining the approval of the people to enter our hearts. Pleasing Allah should come first and foremost.

I am also pleased to say that I have made the intention to embark upon a path towards scholarship. I don’t have access to any teachers at the moment which is important so in the meantime I just want to try and get hold of as many of the translations of the classical books on fundamental principles of the deen as possible. It is a start but better than nothing.

I love learning and studying. I feel happy and at peace Alhamdulillah. I hope Allah makes the path to scholarship easy for us all.


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