Stopping Procrastination 

I feel sad that I’m being so lazy. There are things I have made the intention to do, like clear out my wardrobe and make more space for my belongings, as currently I am running out of space and opening my wardrobe isn’t a very pleasant experience. There is just far too much stuffed inside it.

I’ve just been lying in bed for far too long. I wondered earlier today how productive my life might have been if I didn’t have a smartphone. Smartphones and ipads have good productivity uses, like with research for example, but it can truly zap you of your productivity if you are spending too long on your gadgets.

It is far too easy and tempting for me to turn to my phone in order to procrastinate from doing things that are way more important for me and my life.

It’s something that really needs to change inshaAllah. So right now, I will put my phone away inshaAllah, pray zuhr, have lunch and then get started with emptying my wardrobe.


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