Me with Other People

It is the shaytan that makes me focus on the flaws of other believers. He wants to disunite the Muslims because together, we can be a much stronger force against evil. 

I must try to remind myself of that each time I’m thinking of the flaws of a believer or questioning why certain things happened to me. They happened by the decree of Allah and that is what needs to be accepted. Everything that happened, happened because Allah thought it would be good. I have no control over the actions of others. I just need to try and respond in the appropriate manner.

I need to think of my time these days. Time is ticking along as death approaches and there are things that are way more important that requires my focus. These are things like da’wah, developing my relationship with Allah, connecting with my family and of course Medicine. All of these are overarching aims of my life and I must not forget my main priorities.

I do not know where my life is heading. I tried to take control of it in the past but my actions did not always lead to the desired response. Sometimes you just need to submit yourself to Allah’s plan which is the best plan. We cannot know in advance what this plan is, but we are told in the Qur’an that His plan is better than our own. 

I met with a friend today and it was nice to be pulled away from my own life. Our discussions helped me to reflect on my own life and I’m hoping that I’ll continue to reflect on things.

It’s nice to know that there are other human beings who are similar to you out there. It seems that we can share some of our experiences and understand each other. We can also talk about how we dealt with a situation ourselves which can give each of us a different insight into a similar situation. We can learn from each other, advise each other, etc, etc.

One thing I’m reflecting on right now is whether I judge people too harshly. But perhaps that is ok because as Muslims, we should perceive the world through the same lens as the Qur’an and sunnah. As long as we don’t let people know that we’re judging them inside our heads and try our best to be kind and act oppositely to the harsh and condemning way we feel towards other believers, then maybe that would be a better strategy to take inshaAllah.

I’m just thinking about everything right now but the truth is, I have lots of flaws and I need to work on those immediately. I’ve really started to neglect worship – stuff that is both fardh and sunnah so I need to get back on it, as the consequences of this could be very severe in the next life.


4 thoughts on “Me with Other People

  1. Yes exactly! Been feeling the same way and this post only exaggerated the advice I gave to myself about focusing on myself and my priorities instead of pondering on why someone is acting the way they are or why certain situations are arising. JizakAllah for this ! May Allah tallah increase you in your taqwa and may your advice be beneficial to many others! Ameen ! 😊


  2. Assalamualaikum Sis. Thank you for your comment on my post. I understand the way you feel. I have the same problem too – of not being able to stop myself from judging. But what I have learnt is that everyone was born with an inclination towards good. It’s our fitrah. And perhaps, as there are certain things that are yet to be understood in the future, even for Muslims. We never know their struggles so we cant expect them to be at the same level of where we r now. Like myself, I didnt know tht we need to cover our aurahs up down to our toes till I was 19.
    Enlightenment is surely a process and Allah will guide whom He wills. He is doing His part and we need to do ours – portraying what Muslims should really be. By accepting people with open arms, yet still not discarding the fact that His decree is what is supposed to be implemented. And for that, will only people see the beauty of our religion and be more willing to follow it.
    At least, thats how I view of it. Wallahua’lam.


    • Wa alaikum salaam sis. JazakAllah khair for sharing your beautiful thoughts on this piece.

      I liked what you said about “accepting people with open arms” but not discarding the decree of Allah. I feel that that is truly the way of our beloved prophet (saw). He was kind towards the believers but he still spoke the truth. I think sometimes the truth can sound harsh to people because it might go against what their nafs wants, which is why it is so important to convey Allah’s message in the most loving and kindest way possible.

      May Allah make it easy for us all. Looking forward to reading more of your reflections on your blog inshaAllah 🙂 Stay well, sis x


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