This is It

I reminded myself earlier on today that I must find ways to spread the true message of islam, the one that the Prophet (saw) came with.

I prayed to Allah that He provides those opportunities for me. I am living in a country which is predominantly non-Muslim so this is the responsibility I have.

I feel a bit more relieved now that I have brought this issue to the surface of my mind as I have been feeling a little lost lately and as if I had not been living a life that is in line with my values.

I want to be able to teach people tawheed, to remind them to go back to the earliest sources and live a life in accordance with that.

I’ve been feeling a little bit miserable lately and I couldn’t really figure out why. I just knew that I was spending too much time on medicine when it wasn’t right to as there are lots of other things which I deem to be important – like my family and my faith. 

I tried to do a goal-setting exercise earlier but I didn’t find it very helpful and it did not give me any greater clarity. However, I listened to a lecture later about living like the companions (of the prophet pbuh) as a minority (in Makkah), and it reminded me of the intrinsic importance of spreading the holy message – and this is what I must do.

I have been grieving over a lost friendship these past few months, and it took away some of my confidence and my self-esteem. I questioned who I was and wondered what feature it was about me that made such a beautiful person in my life turn away from me. But I have to be truly honest with myself and that is that all people have flaws and they have their own struggles, so I should try not to take it personally as the break-up was probably more about them than it was about me.

I want to use my time in better ways now and here are some of my ideas for what to do:

Active Learning

  • Learn about the etiquettes of giving da’wah (I can look for some good books on this and make some good notes so it is an active learning process).
  • I want to look up the islamic view on key issues and try to write scripts on how I can teach this to people.

Into Action

  • Find a platform and a way I can convey this message to people I know including family and friends. This could be face to face and through other mediums.


    • Continue reciting Qur’an and translation everyday. Of course, in order to convey the message, it would be good if I was as close to Allah’s message as much as possible. This requires me to be knowledgeable on the text.

    Two years ago, I had a eureka moment in my life where I felt like I understood what my place in it was. Since then, I have had an emotional rollercoaster of a ride.

    Life has changed for me and I need to adapt. I’m not always good at adapting so this is my new aim inshaAllah. 

    I hope Allah blesses this for me inshaAllah. I will try to get started with Step 1 now, and that is to find some good resources/books on da’wah inshaAllah.


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