Social Media Break

It’s not that I don’t agree with social media, quite the opposite as it can be pretty useful such as with keeping in touch with people, giving da’wah, spreading an important message or expressing oneself on a large platform (the largest platform), etc. However, it definitely has its disadvantages too. It can zap one of their time when they are aimlessly browsing their feed, it can exacerbate or contribute to mental health problems and it can be used as a tool to commit crimes/bullying/etc. 

The issue that applies to my life re. social media is the fact that it makes me less productive and the fact that I use it to please my nafs when it comes to wanting to know what people are doing with their lives. Yesterday my phone was dead and I was forced to not go on social media, and what I achieved during that day was phenomenol, Alhamdulillah. It has made me think that perhaps I need to distance myself from social media again. I would like to utilise my time in the best way which means I should try to get rid of the obstacles on my path.

Social media divides up our attention and fragments it. I need to build focus in my life. On the other hand, I do like having distractions because I do not want to be too sucked into medicine. So perhaps I can try to come to a type of balance where I will just check my social media/reply to messages (unless they are urgent) at a certain point during the day.

I need to ask myself, why do I browse through my facebook feed and linkedin? It’s perhaps to learn something interesting or find out something new. It makes me happy as I am a naturally curious person but is it contributing to my life in any way? It is to an extent as I derive pleasure from it and pleasure/enjoyment is something that contributes to one’s wellbeing – so no, I do not want to completely cut out the things that make me happy as that could make me depressed. I just want to regulate it more.

I have cut out social media before so I know it is doable for me, but do I really want to do it again fully? Or should I just keep it at bay. Maybe I will try keeping it at bay inshaAllah.


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