The struggles and uncertainty within Relationships

You won’t always have all the answers to why things happen to you, why events occur in your life or why people treat you the way they do.

People are going through their own struggles in their own lives and this can affect the way they function on a day to day basis. They might not be aware of how they treat others or how they have changed which others can notice but to themselves they are just them, or they may not want to share their problems with the people around them for whatever reason.

I just watched a documentary about dementia and it showed how the dementia of one of them drove a wedge between them and created so much suffering in their relationship. There was the primary onset of a mental health condition in one person but this also led to the other not being able to cope. They took a break from each other where the wife moved away and they lived separately for a while. But eventually they came back together. The wife still loved him and she allowed him to come and live with her in the retirement village she had moved to. It was good for the husband’s mental health as well. It had a nice, happy ending and it really portrayed the struggles, the challenges and the heartbreak that dementia can cause within a family. Imagine someone who is so close to you and one that you love. Imagine them changing and treating you differently. It would be difficult to handle.

These are all struggles that any of us could experience in our own lives. I guess people just cope with challenges in different ways and they do what is right for them. We must all preserve our own sanity first and foremost because if we didn’t, then we just would not be able to cope with life.

Perhaps time heals the wounds. I will pray that in my life it continues to inshaAllah. 


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