Feeling meh :s

Today was an interesting and busy day at the hospital. I felt tired and I don’t think it went how I would have liked it to have gone but there were certainly challenges.

You can’t control what you learn in the hospital environment. Sometimes, on a busy day, you just do what you are told to do by the junior doctors – i.e. jobs like taking bloods, ECGs, cannulas, etc.

I’m ok with doing ECGs now but not the best with sticking a needle into someones’ vein successfully. So this is definitely something I need more practice on inshaAllah.

Sometimes you are surrounded by people who don’t seem to be good at bringing the best out of you which might be due to a whole host of other reasons. People just have different personalities or different traits. Some might engage with you more whilst others less so.

Also, sometimes you expect others to treat you and be as inclusive towards you as you are towards them. This might not always happen though which can be quite sad.

But anyway, I want to remind myself again, I should treat people kindly and with respect inshaAllah – in the same way that I would like to be treated inshaAllah.

I don’t need to force my way into situations. I want to have integrity and not be forceful or even flirtatious (things that women can become when they want or need something). 

If other people do not treat me in a nice way then that is upto them inshaAllah.


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