The London Fire

This has to be said but the tower block that burnt and tragically took away all those lives was due to the failings of the government to adequately look after and provide appropriate and SAFE accommodation for the working class.

I feel so sad for the victims because they weren’t cared for or looked after properly. The country and society that should have taken care of them, dramatically failed. 

Perhaps this is the very reason why the media are not reporting the exact number of deaths which are likely to be in triple figures. Perhaps the government recognize that they have failed and they do not want to be held accountable and are frightened of any potential backlash.

I pray to Allah that he holds these people to account. They will not get away with it. The value of a person’s life should never be based on their class or how much they earn. Islam came to rid us of attitudes like that. Islam teaches us that the poorest and richest members of society are completely equal in worth in the eyes of Allah, and the only thing that could make one excel over another is not their social or financial status but it is their piety and taqwa (god-consciousness).

I am pleased to learn though that when believers die through a fire, that they are regarded as dying the death of a shaheed. So I hope they are indeed in a better place and I hope the ones who failed them will be punished severely in this life and the next.

May Allah have mercy on all the believers during this religious month.


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