Pre-Placement Nerves

I’m going to start my surgery rotation tomorrow and I’m feeling a little nervous. I’m praying that it goes ok. I always feel a little nervous about going onto a new ward for the first time. I feel nervous about meeting the new doctors and wonder what they’ll think of me or whether they will make me feel welcomed and part of the team, or whether I will feel ignored and like I don’t really belong. The truth is, if I think about it realistically, on each placement I have done so far, the junior doctors have always been nice enough Alhamdulillah. Perhaps it is because they were so very recently in our position, so they know what it was like. In fact, in the past, maybe it is me that has been more closed off and disengaged.

Today I make the intention to challenge myself and to learn as much as I can on the job. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and as safe as it is for me to turn to my books as a place of solace, there is so much to learn on the wards. I want to be more experiential in my approach. I want to start acting like a doctor and feeling like a doctor. I’m here to practise being a doctor and doing a doctors’ job before the real thing in a few years’ time inshaAllah. So my aim is to practice taking histories and performing examinations. Also, trying to perform as many clinical skills as possible as well as learning to handle the common clinical challenges that occur on the wards such as how to manage a deteriorating patient. If you observe, witness and get involved with a patient, there is a far greater chance that you will remember that knowledge, as you will have context.

I’m with another student on this placement which may be comforting inshaAllah. We can support each other so I hope it will be nice. I don’t want to be as shy as I was before. I want to be confident and brave but humble enough to be open to learning new things and being approachable to being taught by the doctors.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime and a chance to really learn about how to make a difference inshaAllah.


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