Making Allah My Best Friend

I want Allah to be my best friend πŸ™‚

He is the one I should really be striving to impress and be close to, because let’s face it, humans let us down. They have their own desires, interests and minds of their own. They live their own lives and may not always be around to serve you or do the things you would want to do with them. They are inconsistent and flawed and if we are searching for happiness within or with another human being, then we might find ourselves being seriously disappointed 😦

I’ll be honest, I’m probably like the average girl when it comes to fantasising about finding an amazing man to be your husband, who will take care of you, make you happy, hold you close, keep you safe and wipe your tears away. But let’s face it, if you live together, you will probably argue sometimes. You might fall out so sometimes things might be quite painful. We are chasing an illusion if we think people will grant us happiness and make us feel complete.

Listening to a lecture by Yasmin Mogahed on attachment helped me to realise some of the above.

Today was much better day fir meAlhamdulillah. I made d’ua for my friend to be more responsive and engaging towards me and she was, Alhamdulillah πŸ™‚ I guess I do still feel a little jealous when she has a laugh with other people and has conversations with them which we don’t really seem to do much of these days. But I pray that with time that lessens to the extent that it will be reduced altogether.

She has no obligation towards me and I shouldn’t expect that from her. All the good in my life will come from Allah. He won’t let me down or upset me. He is willing to accept me the way I am with all my flaws. He won’t turn me away as He is the most loving and the most merciful.

He should be my best friend, not anyone else. May Allah make it easy for us all.



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