An Iftar With a Friend

I invited a friend over for iftar and we had a really lovely chat about life. We talked about medicine, social interactions in the hospital, male/female interactions, family, marriage, and much more Alhamdulillah.

I felt happy that this friend of mine enjoyed talking about deep stuff and was interested in knowing my insight on life. Her observations on life was interesting too. I discovered a bit more about the type of person she is. She opened up to me about her flaws which made her come across as being quite authentic and real. I appreciated that.

Sometimes I have felt in life that I have valued and appreciated certain Muslim sisters on a one-to-one level but when I’ve seen them around guys, I’ve been a little shocked and disappointed at their conduct as they’ve been quite giggly, smiley and said some quite inappropriate things. I know that this has happened to other sisters as well. 

I’m aware that this happens now so I will try to not trust people completely as their actions don’t really match up with the things that they say. People say things to save face and to preserve their honour and reputation. But it seems that when people are in certain situations, their nafs will take over. I think it’s difficult as we are living in a challenging society where the type of morals/values that are promoted are ones of liberalism and being free, but islam teaches women to be more conserved in their attitude. Of course, that can be difficult for women who are naturally quite extroverted. I feel I do like to express what I think a lot. It helps me to make sense of myself so I guess it isn’t natural for me to be so quiet when I have a strong opinion on something.

I wonder what the islamic opinion is on things like this. I’m sure there are bound to have been women during the time of the prophet (pbuh) who were extroverted as well.

This is something I’d quite like to research inshaAllah. 

On the whole, I am happy after some joyous social interactions. It left me feeling fulfilled and happy and I went away praying more that night than I had all week, so that shows what a difference doing things for enjoyment makes Alhamdulillah.


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