The Good Things

I want to pray for a world where Muslims are strong and united. We are living in some challenging times and I think that things might get worse. I fear that the level of persecution against Muslims will increase. I pray that Allah provides us with the strength to bear these trials and respond in a way that is in accordance with the Qur’an and sunnah.

I think of the trials I have been through these last few months, but when I stand back and try to compare myself to what other Muslims have been through, i.e. losing all of their family members/loved ones in wars, then I think to myself that I have a lot to be greatful for Alhamdulillah. I may have lost some wealth and I may have had to work hard to regain that, but Allah recovered those losses for me pretty quickly Alhamdulillah. I may have been living in isolated accommodation by myself but Allah has granted me something much better. I even have the company of another Muslimah, Alhamdulillah. I may have lost the emotional support, comfort and company of an awesome friend who I devoted a lot of my time and attention to, but it has definitely opened up my eyes to the rest of the world i.e all of my other friends, the people around me, my family, etc. I relied on her too much so I’m looking forward to moving on and embracing change. I felt very sad and grieved for a long time but now I think I’m at a stage of acceptance. I’m not going to try to chase the beauty of the connection we had before. Maybe some things/people are just supposed to be in our lives for a period and then when they are not good for us or when Allah (due to his all-encompassing wisdom) decides to take that away from us, then that is what is for the best ultimately.

We might not know the reasons behind those things and we might not ever do. Perhaps they don’t even matter, but maybe those explanations are not needed. Maybe they might even be harmful for us. So we need to continue living our lives in the best way possible with whatever people or resources we have around us.

This has taught me a great lesson about relationships and how you can’t really control the other person’s actions. They might seem to be out of accordance with our own morals and values but sometimes you need to respect that there will be differences in the way that different human-beings go about life. The challenge is to find a way to co-operate and live in the best way together inshaAllah – a way in which people are content.

I thank Allah for all the goodness he has granted me, for there is so much, like my amazing family, the amazing opportunities I have and for being able to live in relative comfort (in comparison to being in poverty), Alhamdulillah. I hope He forgives me for being ungrateful a lot of the times. I need to develop my gratitude muscles inshaAllah.

May Allah make it easy for all the Muslims who are going through trials and hardship. Ameen!


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