I sent an email to my friend finally šŸ™‚ This one sounded more authentic and less sugar-coated. I didn’t want it to sound too angry either because that’s not nice.

I told my friend how she made me feel and I wanted her to know that it’s not nice to treat another human being like that, eventhough she may not have intended it to be that way. 

I felt a bit more fearless of her response or non-response, but I am still interested and intrigued to know what she thinks. She might not reply. She might do and become persecutory towards me instead and tell me that I am the problem. She needs to know that she has a serious problem too.

We all have flaws and we need to find a way to regulate them. I sometimes feel our weaknesses are offshoots of our strengths. I’m very focussed and organized, which can bring me anxiety when things don’t go to plan. She’s caring and empathetic, but she lays her heart on her sleeve and gets into risky emotional situations.

I have a feeling that she might be so detached from me and my feelings that she just won’t care about my message anymore. Perhaps she has just become desensitized. I will feel sad if that is the case, but I won’t allow her to make me feel insignificant.

This is occupying my mind a lot, but I am pleased to say that I have increased my level of ibaadah since my last post, Alhamdulillah.

Allah will surely fix everything x


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