The intense pain of a break-up

My counsellor told me that it seems as if I was taking all the blame in the break-up. And I was.

But right this moment now, I’m not. I feel sooo angry about what she did. How dare she think she can just drop me like that! I’m not the first person she has done it to either. She’s a damaging person to end up in a relationship with. I know she loves helping people – it gives off the message of “I care about you” and then suddenly she just wanted to stop caring about me.

I can’t stop ruminating about this today. I hate her with all my being. I hope she one day experiences the hurt that I felt. How dare she tell me how to live my life and give me advice when she needs advice about how giving/sharing she is. 

I’m just analysing this in my mind. I want to stop so I just blocked her. Screw this crap! She led me on as she has led people on before.


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