Coming to Acceptance

When I broke up with my best friend earlier on this year, I was devastated. However, it alerted me to the fact that there was something fundamentally wrong with how I cope with stress. But it’s ok, as we need to make mistakes in order to learn and if that had not happened, I would not have made the realisations that I am making in the present – that I shouldn’t equate my achievements to my self-worth and happiness. 

I think I am coming to accept what happened and I am learning to make peace with the past. I can’t continue living a life where I beat myself up about everything that happens to me or that I do to others. I need to learn to be more mindful of my present. It is in the present that we are the most happiest.

I am also slowly carving my way into the future. I can’t speed up my rizq and Allah will grant me things whenever I am ready for them. May the Lord make it easy for us all inshaAllah.


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