Feeling Wholesome

I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed and I did not want to tackle the day ahead. I felt like I didn’t really have anything interesting to look forward to, just a few chores perhaps, maybe some studying, etc. I couldn’t make up my mind about what to do and how to do it. I stayed in bed for what seemed like ages and read a bit more of the book I have started on ‘Purification of the Soul’. It is nice and relaxing to read, but then it made me realise that I needed to put the knowledge into action or else it is useless.

So I have been feeling low lately, but in order to change that, I will aim to do the following things inshaAllah:

  1. Recite my evening adhkar (I currently recite my mornong adhkar on most days but I haven’t been doing the evening ones for a while. We are supposed to perform dhikr and remember Allah on both ends of the day)
  2. Recite more of the Quran (I can do this when I’m on my breaks or when I start to ruminate).

Allah has provided us with the tools to heal all of our illnesses, so we should utilise them inshaAllah. 

The famous scholars of the past, such as ibn taymiyyah would speak of the Quran being what we should turn to when we are seeking happiness. Everything we need is in there 🙂

After I eventually got out of bed, I did some chores, prayed salah, had breakfast, sat with my parents and had a nice chat about the future, then sat with my grandfather for a while (he had come down to visit). I also managed to read some of the Quran.  By this point, I was feeling more upbeat Alhamdulillah and was ready to go back to my own world to do some work inshaAllah.

Recently I have wondering whether I devote too much of my time to Medicine and not to other important activities. I know I want to be successful at medicine inshaAllah and how I will achieve that whilst having a balanced life, will be something I’ll be continuing to search for inshaAllah.

I am glad to say that I feel way happier now than I did a few hours ago. This just shows what activity can do for us when we feel low.


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