Realisation about My Time

What yesterday’s post highlighted to me is that humans have basic primary needs/requirements. They are the following:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Shelter

I know I would prefer to live a life where the above three have been taken care of inshaAllah, so that I can then just focus predominantly on my secondary needs such as seeking knowledge – medical knowledge and islamic knowledge, and giving da’wah to my closest ones, which are arguably more important, although less urgent than my primary needs.

I have been focussing a lot lately on my basic needs, because in my mind, I feel that once those are in a better position, I might be in a better position to seek knowledge.

What this shows me is that I am waiting for my situation to become more ideal and I am comparing my present life to the past life I had where I feel I was more productive/happier.

The truth is, there is lots that has changed in my life due to the qadr of Allah, and this is not out of my own doing, though of course my past actions have had consequences that have affected my present. And as much as I try, things will not be identical to how things were before. In vague terms, I can pursue good friendships, good housing, good pastimes because those are the things which can contribute to my sense of wellbeing, but the finer details of these things will not be the same as what I had before.

This is just a realisation for me that I need to devote an adequate amount of time to the various aspects of my life which I feel matter.

May Allah make this process of time-management easy for us.



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