No-one is perfect

Everyone has issues. No-one is perfect. 

I try to be perfect and I have high standards/expectations of the people around me. But I need to be more merciful I think. Or else, my relationships with people will never last. People will be horrible sometimes. They may have mood swings or they will behave in strange ways. Sometimes their words will not match up with their actions – I should try to not let this offend me and instead think to myself that they are struggling too. We all have our issues. No human being is perfect.

I have soo many flaws. I sin regularly and I need to improve my relationship with Allah. That needs the most focus out of everything, though it feels like I give my uni studies more attention than anything (and of course it does require that much attention as I am studying Medicine which is quite intense). I can make my intentions be for the sake of Allah and steer all of my actions in the direction of Allah.

I should not compromise who I am ever! I should not doubt myself because only I truly know what is best for me and what I would like. Of course Allah knows more than me, but out of all human beings, I am the most clued up about my own life than anyone else is.

I should be careful about who I go to for advice because the things that people say often stem from their own experiences and insecurities (which are different to our own).


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